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The purpose is to bring together our college and university communities to act on the scale we need to realize a more just, sustainable future for New Jersey. We engage in three primary activities:

  • Student Engagement

  • Knowledge Sharing

  • Workforce Development

Focusing on five key areas:

  • Curriculum, academic programs and research

  • Operations of the physical plant and grounds

  • Campus activities and student experience

  • Partnerships and cooperation between the academic community and corporations, advocacy groups, non-profit agencies, and civic and community associations

  • Professional development for practitioners



The New Jersey Council of College Presidents founded NJHEPS in 1999, to serve as a “catalyst, organizer, and resource” to expand the role of higher education in promoting sustainability. At that time, the idea of sustainability was just beginning to reach public consciousness. The colleges and universities of NJHEPS worked to contribute to the state, region, and world’s emerging understanding of sustainability, through teaching, research, outreach, operations, and community life.


In the years since, sustainability has gained traction and become a common household term. Today NJHEPS is building on this progress by improving the practice and teaching of sustainability through collective action around student engagement, knowledge sharing, and workforce development.

Who we are

Meet the dedicated executive board and staff behind NJHEPS. We are a group of passionate individuals committed to making a positive impact in our community. Together, we work towards creating a sustainable future for all.


Learn more about the policies of NJHEPS

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