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New Jersey Higher Education
Partnership for Sustainability

To engage and inspire the New Jersey higher education community to become models and messengers of sustainability, NJHEPS abides by the following principles and practices:

  • Institutions of higher education are responsible to lead society by example and action. To do this, higher education institutions must advance sustainability through the decisions they make in their own operations, policies and actions.
  • Through demonstrating the connections between sustainability and the courses of study that students pursue in higher education, colleges and universities can effectively educate future workers, citizens and leaders, providing them with the skills, knowledge and "habits of heart" to advance sustainability in their future work and decisions.
  • Only inter-disciplinary study and research can produce integrated, workable, systems-based solutions for our numerous obstacles to sustainability.
  • Sustainability involves the just, equitable, and efficient use of all types of capital -- human, financial, manufactured and natural -- with the goal of replenishment and enhancement rather than long-term depletion for short-term gains.
  • The consumption decisions and practices of the citizens and institutions of industrialized countries are central to the attainment of sustainability.
  • Using new and richer assessment mechanisms -- ecological footprints, life-cycle analysis, full-cost accounting -- can enable changes in decision-making that provide broad and profound support for sustainability.
  • Effecting widespread changes in policy through enlisting the support of high-level decision-makers in higher education is an especially effective strategy.
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